this site wants to be a not-so-detailed container for our research group: BioinformationX. It will hold scratchbooks, blog posts, ideas, papers, projects, and whatever we will consider worthy of attention.


There is a blog where “sparse” thoughts are shared. Confrontation is allowed, but rule number one: “You do not talk about BioinformationX”. You know the second rule.


There is a roadmap through the course of Data Structures for Bioinformatics, held at Tor Vergata University, Rome, for the students of the Bioinformatics (duh!) Master course.
I’m writing these notes both to organize my ideas on what the course should cover and to have an easy access reminder of the basis, which sometimes I forget.
Since everything that is written here will be in the course (beware, the opposite is not True!), please use it as lecture notes. Given I am a slow writer the website is still work in progress, so I cannot assure you there will be EVERYTHING, yet I hope that you will find some of the things written here useful, even for day to day work in the bioinformatics field, and maybe for your theses.
You can start by selecting a topic in the index on the right ———————->
The external material can be found at this GitHub repo.

Have a good time reading this and, should there be anything wrong (starting from syntax, to badly explained concepts), please feel free to contact me at my personal e-mail marco.pietrosanto[at]uniroma2[dot]it
You can even comment below this page, if you appreciate the effort I’m putting into this course, please leave some love down there.

— Meanwhile, thanks to everyone who helped us improving this website: Riccardo, Andrea, Fabio.


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